Pacing Perfection

WHEN SECONDS (and hundredths) COUNT

LumaLanes will help your swimmers not only FEEL but SEE how they are performing in real time.  This allows the swimmers to see how changes to stroke, body position and many other factors affect their ability to stay on pace.  Developed with cooperation, input, and feedback from some of the most well known and respected swim coaches in the world.  The LumaLanes system is designed to make workouts more fun and productive, while also providing instant feedback to the swimmers and coaches. LumaLanes will help get the best out of your team and swimmers!
"Follow the Light!"




"Pace the new way"

- Jeff Dugdale  Head Coach / Director of Aquatic Operations
Queens University, Charlotte North Carolina
4-Time NCAA Division II Men's and Women's National Champions


Using your smart phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad or Android) you control LED lights placed on the bottom of the pool. The lights guide the swimmers through a complete workout and provide immediate and effective feedback, freeing up the coach and swimmers to concentrate on technique and efficiency without the need to watch the clock -- if the swimmers are staying with the lights, they are on pace. In addition, the LumaLanes system has been developed so that you can set up and run special "games" and "drills":  flag-to-flag work, time-to-distance, breakouts, relay starts, tempo training and much more. The system is portable and available for any length pool, and for multiple lanes.


High Quality

Check out the features page to find out all about the LumaLanes Swim Training System. Use your smart phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad or Android) to wirelessly run your workouts on the system.  Every line of code, and every piece of hardware is custom designed and built for the LumaLanes system. Nothing is outsourced and nothing is "off the shelf". Our ability to custom design features and functions truly sets the LumaLanes system apart.  The system is portable and available for any length pool.