LumaLanes Price List - Fall 2019

A complete system requires a control box, 1 to 4 LED light strips, and a user-supplied Android or iOS mobile device (phone or tablet). A Windows or Mac PC can also be used.

You can order a single light strip and then add more later. Single light strips can be combined to make longer strips, up to 50m long.

PLEASE NOTE: LumaLanes systems are currently only available outside Europe. All prices shown are in US Dollars.

System Component Pricing:

  • Control Unit Assembly: $1995. Each control box can run up to 4 light strips. Includes:

    • Waterproof Pelican case with custom electronics, motherboard, lane controllers, WiFi interface, flash memory, firmware.

    • 200W, 12VDC power supply and 20 foot power cable. Waterproof IP67 rated. 120-240VAC.

    • Heavy-duty backpack-style carrying case. An entire 4-lane system can be carried inside.

  • 25m or 25 yard modular LED strip: $1495 each. Includes:

    • Five modular 5m segments, can be combined to make any length strip up to 50m long. (A 25 yard strip will include four 5m segments and one 2.86m segment).

    • One spare 5m segment. Should you have any problems you can just swap in a spare segment at the pool.

    • 25 foot lane control cable.

    • Weights for holding strip in place on bottom of pool.

    • Reel for storing/transporting the LED strip.

Complete System Pricing:

See below for some example system prices. You can buy just the components you need, but must have a control box and at least 1 strip to get started. Additional LED light strips can be purchased later if you wish. Contact us for a detailed quote if you need more information or need a quote for purchasing.


Single 25m (or 25 yard) system:

  • Control Box: $1995

  • One LED light strip, 25m or 25 yards: $1495

  • TOTAL: $3490

  • BUY NOW - Use PayPal and/or a credit card and get 6 months to pay with no interest.

Two 25m (or 25 yard) system:
This configuration can also be used as a single 50m (or 50 yard) lane.

  • Control Box: $1995

  • Two LED light strips, 25m or 25 yards: $2990

  • TOTAL: $4985

  • BUY NOW - Use PayPal and/or a credit card and get 6 months to pay with no interest.

Custom systems:

Simply mix and match. A single control box is all you need to run up to 4 separate lanes. Lanes can be almost any length, up to 50m max. Discounts are available for multiple control boxes and more strips.