LumaLanes Modular LED Strip

Modular LED Diagram.jpg

Extendable and Reliable

Our LED light strips are comprised of 5 meter long segments which you can connect together to make any length strip up to 50 meters. For yard pools, a shorter 'tail' segment is supplied to make the total length of the strip 25 yards. Custom lengths can be easily accommodated, just let us know!

If you have more than one strip, you can combine them to make a longer strip -- for example, use your four 25 meter strips during short-course season, then combine them to make two 50 meter strips for long-course workouts.

A spare segment is supplied with each system so should a segment get damaged or fail for any reason, you can just swap in a new segment and keep swimming.

The SwimPacer App will automatically make all necessary adjustments for you when you select the lane length.