What kind of computer or phone do I need to have to run the system?

LumaLanes systems can be used with almost any Android or iOS phone or tablet. Check your device’s app store for the requirements (just search the store for “LumaLanes”). You may want to get a waterproof case for your phone, “just in case”! Once a workout is set up and started, you can put the phone away — the control box can run the entire workout.

A Windows or Mac PC can also be used, but who wants to lug a PC to the pool? You CAN use your PC to create, edit and save workouts and then transfer them to your phone, so you can use your PC at home, and your phone at the pool!

What length pools does the LumaLanes system support?

Strips can be provided for absolutely any length pool.  LumaLanes custom manufactures "tails" that allow the system to be used with any length pool.  Standard strip segments are 5 meters and can be joined to make any length from 5 to 50 meters.  If you have a 25 yard pool, we will provide you with a custom tail that allows you to have a perfect 25 yard strip, no extra strip climbing up the wall or dangling over into the next lane.  We have a system at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina utilizing 33 1/3 meters, 25 meters, 25 yards, and 20 yard lane lengths, flexibility is the absolute hallmark of our strip design.  When you set the strip length that you are using in the "Pool Setup" section of the Swim Pacer App, all time and length conversions are handled internally in the software.

Also the way LumaLanes strips are engineered, two - 25 meter strips can be used in separate lanes with their own system connection cables, or can be combined to form one 50 meter long course strip, total flexibility.

How long does it take to set up the LumaLanes System? 

Typically a team will get 2-3 swimmers to deploy each lane of LED's.  After the first couple of times deploying the LED's a team can usually accomplish the whole setup in under five minutes.

How are system updates handled?

System updates are handled through the app on your smart device. The full update process is all explained in the user guide.

How much do system updates cost?

Like all good things in life, System updates are FREE!

I coach in Ireland, can I order a LumaLanes System?

Currently we are only shipping to North America and Australia, we are working on opening other countries.  Keep checking back!

Any other questions?

Call us at (760) 517-6234 during normal business hours (8AM-6PM Eastern) or leave a message anytime.  You can also send an email to info@lumalanes.com