New version of SwimPacer app

A new version of the SwimPacer is coming and should be available by the time you read this, on both the Google and Apple app stores.

This version is a bug-fix release and doesn’t introduce any new features, but does fix a fair number of bugs, some of which could cause disruptions to your workouts.

Here’s the list of main bug fixes:

  • "Countdown" light sequence could be corrupted if the phone went to sleep while a workout was running.

  • The wrong lane could be selected if the connection to the control box was lost and then re-established.

  • Switching between lanes while using the "Games/Drills" page could cause problems.

  • Workout screen tweaked to make it easier to scroll through sets.

  • Internal changes for compatibility with newer versions of Android.

Most of the problems were caused by the app sending the wrong initialization commands to the control box when the phone went to sleep and was then turned back on during a workout. Quite a few other minor bugs have been fixed too. We are continuing to work on new features as well and incorporating feedback from coaches and swimmers. Thanks to everyone who has contributed!

-Scott, CTO LumaLanes

Scott Pinkham