Interview with Coach Jeff Dugdale : SwimMAC Team Elite and Queen’s University at Charlotte

Jeff Dugdale is the Director of High Performance for SwimMAC’s Team Elite as well as the Head Coach of Queens University of Charlotte.  He has been working alongside Coach David Marsh for 20+ years.


Coach Dugdale had this to say about the LumaLanes system:

"We have had the pleasure of using the LumaLanes system throughout the entire  product development cycle.  The LumaLanes System has played an important role in our development and our success this summer.  Coach Marsh and I used it to add another layer of accountability for our athletes.  LumaLanes has not only helped us with pacing, but it has also helped us with streamlining, tempo training, flag-to-flag work, 15 meter work, start work,….. and a quick 5 minutes is all you need to set things up.

A real interesting aspect of the LumaLanes system is the ability of the Coaching staff to visually tell how the swimmers are performing without the use of a stopwatch or pace clock.  Whether it’s a visual indication of being on pace at any point of a set, or whether or not their stroke or kick is at the correct tempo, the LumaLanes system gives both swimmers and Coaches extremely valuable feedback in real-time.

Coach Marsh and I have used the LumaLanes system very effectively for different lactate sets with the Team Elite athletes. One of our Olympians refused to lose to the lights in a 200 fly set this summer, and had one of the sets of her life this season.  Not saying that this was the only thing that helped her, but it was definitely a key factor in having her succeed in this very important set.  She was able to gain the confidence to go on  to become a National Champion, a Pan Pac Gold Medalist AND recently named to the World Championship team.

The LumaLanes system has been very effective for Coach Marsh and his staff as an “Extra Coach”.  Many of our athletes enjoy staying after practice working with the lights, to get the valuable feedback that comes with them.

We find our both our Elite and College athletes wanting to stay after practice to work with the LumaLanes system.  Specifically our sprinters stay after practice and work on their tempo using the LumaLanes System Tempo Trainer.  We also find that our athletes are excited and challenged using the LumaLanes system…….and the feedback they get on a regular basis.    Our Elite athletes have both American Records and World Records….  So we find the LumaLanes System plays an important role in holding them accountable and being able to train them at world record pace and above.

The LumaLanes System was most effective with our college group in kicking.  We have been able to use the LumaLanes System to set a benchmark of our expectations as Coaches on how our swimmers should kick 50’s, 100’s, and any distance that we choose.  At first many of the athletes did not make it,….  But they quickly took the feedback, made adjustments, and rose to the challenge.  The LumaLanes System was very effective in moving our baseline in kicking to another level,…. which as a whole made our team better this summer.

LumaLane System can be used in any pool.  Currently at Queens University of Charlotte,  we have distances of 20 yards, 25 yards, 25 meters and 33 1/3 meters.  The LumaLanes system and the customer service that comes with it cannot be beat.  They’ll work with you, they’ll work with your athletes and provide you with anything you need in order to make them the best that they can be.

I hope you’ll enjoy the LumaLanes System as much as we have enjoyed the LumaLanes System.  It’s effective, it’s efficient, it’s easy, AND it’s all things you need in making your athletes better."

Paul Bowman